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04-03-2013, 01:47 AM
We have 10 strong active players but unfortunately the rest haven't showed at all :confused: so we was hoping another guild in the same predicament & is dropping about 10 freeloaders or wants to merge? we come to u or u come to us!? we are ranging from level 70-122 & 60K - 140k att/def (our lowest stat player used gems so he could be better than his stats say) also we've got (upgrade cost +9% Building upgrade speed +14% Guild increase +4 so i guess it depends who's bonuses are best as to which group leaves there guild) so if your interested leave me a pm or contact me in game ID: 855238880 my name is Perseus in KA ;)

04-08-2013, 07:04 PM
We are looking for active members to strengthen our guild.
We are 18 active, range from ultra high to high att/def and play in a team.
We were ranked #521. We need to you to join us.

If your guild is a small community, come on and merge with us.

Our Guild Invite Code is 206-341-208
Guild search us or PM me if you are interested.

Donations : Daily but no specific amount required

Current guild bonuses:
+18% upgrade speed bonus
+9% building upgrade cost reduction

[LoS] Arwen
04-09-2013, 08:48 AM
We have 3 spots available, and are looking for people who meet the following requirements:

Ambitious and driven to be the best.
Ability to donate at the very least 100k gold per day.
Must have over 100k A/D
Active, ongoing participation on the League of Shadows chat.
Friendly and respectful to our fellow guild members

Our Current Bonus's

Reduced casualty rate +5%
Building Upgrade Speed +22%
Upgrade Cost +18%
Guild Member Increase +12

If you are interested, submit a request to 405494934.

Teddy Bear
04-10-2013, 11:03 AM
We are waiting for active & intensive members to facilitate our guild.
We were ranked #461 in Dragon's Loost, despite low number of active members.
This is first time that I play.
Only my conquest point = 201,495 points; win = 1,183 / loss = 0
Next goal will be within top 100 after re-organized our guide.

You can see my status in my signature, write below. :)

Our Guild Invite Code is 632-041-854
Guild search us or PM me if you are interested. :)

Donations : Daily but no mandatory in specific amount.
Important key is active & intensive participation both in campaign & battle tournament

Current guild bonuses:
+9% building upgrade cost reduction
+14% upgrade speed bonus

04-11-2013, 09:00 PM
Fun guild with about 8 active hourly and daily members donating what they can at their levels. Members are at Level 50 and above ... all with strong stats. Came in the top 750 in the last guild war with a handful of inactives (dropped). Good split of gem and free players. More than $500k in daily Guild donations.

Invite Code: 867582349

Upgrade Cost: +14%
Building Upgrade Time: +18%
Guild Member Increase: 2

Looking to merge / recruit groups of members. Undefeated in Guild Wars!

04-12-2013, 06:16 AM

Si tienes un buen nivel y eres un jugad@r activo:confused:, ahora tienes la posibilidad de unirte a una Guild de buen nivel, competitiva y con todos sus miembros muy comprometidos.;)
:oSi crees que te mereces una Guild a tu altura, esta es la tuya!!!!:o


04-13-2013, 03:31 PM
We have lots of open spots so can accommodate a smaller guild or bunch of active members moving across.
Just use the invite code or PM me here.

About us
Upgrade Cost: +14%
Upgrade Time: +18%,
Member Increase: +12
Guild Guardian Lvl: 159
Daily donations: 600k +
Strong and active members
We expect regular donations
We expect members to be active in wars
Invite code: 676935514.

About you
A/D: 75,000 +
IPA: 6,500 +
Daily players
Want to place highly in guild wars
Donate at least every second day

Want to stick together, PM me a list of members and you'll all be accepted together as long as most meet the requirements above.

- Joleus

05-16-2013, 04:53 PM
Alderaanian Knights finished in the top 100 in the last war and in the top 60's in the first two wars. We are looking for strong, active players. We have 23 bonus thus far. If you are a strong but small guild, we will also consider merging the guilds.