View Full Version : We hereby invite you to join our "Master Kingdom" Guild" ( Already 30 Bonuses!)

Johan -
03-24-2013, 05:41 AM
Hello Kings & Queens,

We have some openings for strong active members to join our Guild "Master Kingdom" Guild" (270 403 590)

We herewith invite you to join our "Master Kingdom" Guild" (270 403 590)

We are a very active Guild with daily players, we have reached by now max bonuses and have many millions Gold in our bank!

All the members are dedicated players and they try to donate all what they can miss, what we want from you: to increase your own stats and at the same time the stats of our Guild!

We are proud to give you an impression of what we already have acomplished :

Casualty rate : +18%
Health regen : +14%
Upgrade cost : +22%
Building speed: +22%
Guild member increase : +26

At the moment, We have 10 free spots and therefore invite the strong loyal Kings and Queens to join our alliance!

"Together, WE are Strong"