View Full Version : Merlins Avengers 6 spaces left.

03-18-2013, 09:44 AM
Hi guys

If you are still shopping for a guild, then we are seeking 6 more players to join us.
The guild has members who play Modern War so some of us have experience. Top 600 last war.
We are looking for 6 players who will contribute daily,be active on the chat board, and above all be available during the wars.
We only have a minimum donation for you to make which is 10k a day, but we find most donate 25k to 50k a day.
We have players that range from 20k att & defence to players that have 100k att and defence.
Ideal members we would like is level 40-50 but high for their level.
We are a fun group that are just starting to meld together, and 6 more active members would hopefully ensure we have a tight well uniformed group.
Our bonuses to date are 14% upgrade on building time and increase of faction +4.

It's not to late to join our invite code is 354 178 059

Many thanks Djjazzc