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Alpha dog
02-25-2013, 08:46 PM
I am looking for a guild to join to take advantages of the bonuses and units up for grabs during events. I have experience of how these all work from playing Modern War, (if they work the same, which i believe they do). I log in daily and will be happy to donate as much cash as i can.

I would like to take a casual approach to this game and these events, but participate non the less to improve my account and the guild I am in. Preferably a guild centered around players fairly low in level (like I am) that want to play the same way. I will be an asset to the team and participate when and were possible but expect to score points in every event. Uk based but can log on at any time due to shifts. I use free gems from vids occasionally

In game name: Alpha Dragon

Lv 39

Atk 26k
Def 25k

IPH 6.8k

Stamina 25

Anything else you want to know or if you think I would fit in with your squad just PM me here. :)

02-26-2013, 08:10 PM
we have 4 walls upgraded build time and increased guild capacity.
more players and donations can only make us stronger!


02-26-2013, 10:29 PM
Hi, somehow I found myself in charge of a guild that I joined and must have accidentally been made into the founder.
I've hence decided to take the responsibility and be active as the founder.
Guild business is all new to me, but already I've started to keep a list of members donations, so that I can see who puts in and whose just coming along for the ride.
in-active or non donating members will after some chances, be voted out and I'm more about quality members than quantity of members.

Guild is "The Knights of Love" 855563783

I'm all about member input and contribution of both funds and knowledge on how the guild and upcoming crusade all works.

04-12-2013, 08:56 PM
Not gemmers, not hackers, just people who enjoy the game from all over the world. Levels 20-150 or higher. We came in the top 750, almost top 400 last time. We expect to do much better the next time now that we know how it system works. Need a guild, join GK! 364403584

3 rules. 1) keep improving and actively playing. 2) donate gold and stones...recommended 10x hourly gold income per day 3) fight according to our battle schedule and rules during conquests as much as you can

Join us!

04-17-2013, 06:03 AM
Join the guild EPIC! we have our own website:)
Hello Everyone,

If you are looking for a guild you should maybe check out EPIC.

We are looking for serious players who are active almost every day.

We also have our own website. www.game-addict.nl (http://www.game-addict.nl/)

So fill in the form and join the guild EPIC!!

04-18-2013, 12:57 AM
Othewise join the dutchies. Looking for players all over the world. Off course got lowered upgrade time and cost bonusses. Got 8 spots open and looking for active players. Donate 100 time your level daily. PM me if your interested 626274299....