View Full Version : Syndicate TRIAX: 396 434 755 - looking for active members

02-25-2013, 07:49 AM
I recently created a new Syndicate called "TRIAX" and am looking for new members who want to have fun and to participate in events. You should be team players and willing to participate actively. There is no pressure on high contributions but daily donations are preferred to maximize bonuses.

As I will kick some dead weight players there will be several slots free now.

Bonuses so far:

15 % Melee Defense
15 % Building Defense
10 % Gun Defense
10 % Respect Payout
5% Car Defense
10 % Building output, 15 % soon.
+8 Member Slots
Next Goals -> New Bonuses - Builing Payout to Max!

Thus join our Syndicate TRIAX: 396 434 755

If you are a member who is willing to donate at least 500k daily you are welcome and would be promoted as Officer after a while. Please PM me with your stats and Level etc. or otherwise apply in the game.

High level players with good atk and def values preferred but not mandatory. Main thing is active participation and good team spirit.

I'm looking forward to welcome you in our Clan !!!