View Full Version : Looking for Aussie and European members

02-22-2013, 07:26 AM
Looking for new members in above locations to strengthen member group, to have stronger 24 hour play. We need iph of 500, a/d over 50k, commitment to donate 2 mil daily and be active in events and faction board. Gold play is strictly a personal decision, no requirement to purchase gold! We have 37 members now, and many of the bonuses. In BfB we placed 500, with a dozen not playing. We booted three, only for non-participation, picked up 3 great additions, and just placed 250 in BfG. We have a great core group, and have a good time. Join us, you won't be sorry.
Ps- we do not boot anyone, unless they DO NOT PARTICIPATE!

Anyone interested can also contact us. My id is 526-732-951. Send pm and I will list other info, or invite me and we can discuss on personal boards

Faction id is 144-976-580