View Full Version : Should we stop posting in the off-topic section?

02-08-2013, 06:11 PM
When I was reading up on some old topics in the forum I found out that a lot of topics in the general section half a year ago weren't about crime city at all and where funny or interesting as hell.

There are a few advantages about not-having an offtopic section (or not posting in it);
- In the general section topics get a higher page view. This means more eyes watching it, this means more interaction and more fun or drama.
- The die-hard players and personalities of crime city do tend to read all topics in the general section, while they don't seem to much attracted to the offtopic section.
- The trolls aren't confined to off-topic now, can't get worse.
- No stupid comments anymore like take it off-topic.

imo having an off-topic session is a waste of time and bad for the general mood on the forum, but please let me know your opinions.