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12-09-2012, 08:12 AM
Ok here goes. Input is appreciated.

I am Level 81 with 394 allies. That is not quite full as I am trying to stay below radar from full allied peeps. My stats are below:

Boosted A/D are 31k/36k
IPH is 600k

Many months ago, I was a new player and ranking as fast as I could with no strategy. Many of you on the forum helped me to realize the error of my ways and I have been camping ever since. I have built my cash army by adding the popular units you advised me to add. B52, Commandos, SSD, Bio, SH I have increased to a total of ~150 each as advised to reduce casualty rates. I also added units such as Flamethrowers for meat shields.

I switched to Russia and added a composite factory level 10. I have my air boost to 8 and slowly working on the other boosts (they dont add much with my current army).

My focus has been on IPH as I have brought it from 39k to 600k and focus mainly on 12/24 hour payout buildings. I even used a strategy learned hear to get my nanos and level 4 oil rigs.

I have been participating in the boss events and can get to level 17 with 40 tapjoy gold. This has added nice indestructibles, but I have not done missions or crate events to avoid XP.

Now I need help on how to take the next step. While camping i forgot about the terrible casualty rates and they are even worse with my new cash army. I rarely find anyone overvault and even when I do it just isnt economically feasible to attack or raid. What do I do next?

I know I need to keep working on IPH and will do so. Any tips on building a stronger less casualty prone army would be appreciated. I see some of you with really high a/d and I cannot figure out how to get there without gold. I am patient, but want to be smart. Also any tips on how to get cash when it seems like pvp and raiding move me backwards. Also open to anything else you all have to offer. You helped a lot last time.

If it helps to see my base (and you care enough) you can ally me: 153801004

Thanks in advance!!

12-09-2012, 08:35 AM
Things have changed over time of the game! Casualty rates wasn't always so high hence why they have high stats.. Ur best bet is to carry on farming what u can.. U have the luxury of the boss so carry on doin that! Also you might aswell do the crate events for the indestructibles since they are invaluable..
If your deciding to play the game nOw then pvp and save valour! Them mass
Buy on them units! Remember to put bl te units u have lost tho

12-09-2012, 08:39 AM
You will be safe enough till u reach lvl 125-140. From then on u must maximize ur defense stats mainly. I can say since u r Russia buy as many as possible ssd. Also buy a lot of elite cruisers they are the best defenders apart from ops planes which u will get after a year on the best case scenario. Also stay between 200-250 allys.
The reason for these advises is the following:
a) 80% of players got a max of 50-60k def boosted stats on these lvls based on 200-250 allies. Rest 20 % forget and pray that they will not touch u! As you know u must be polite and nice always.
b) if your defense is high , anyone apart from full gold army player attacking you will loose 1-2 units. And they will not retry if u do not overvault.

And a last advise: ur defense skill points must be around 200 when u are 150 lvl.

Hope i helped!

12-09-2012, 08:52 AM
Continue to camp and up the IPH. Upgrade airbase to 8 and buy stealth bombers. Upgrade the dry docks to 3 and buy carriers. Don't level except on boss events which means no PVP attacks or raids and no PVE on the maps. Yes it's boring but its what has to be done. The only other option to avoid complete annihilation above level 130 is to turn into an all gold army ...assuming you want to depart with some serious real cash.

Once you reach 130... Then you can start attacking for valor and farming maps for high loot items.

12-09-2012, 10:15 AM
Defense / Defense / Defense ! If you have 200 skill points to Defense & 300 SSD - you won't be a tasty snack for the level 160 players who can see all the way down to level 100. See if you can find my "casualty glitch" thread from last month to see some awesome ways to avoid unit losses based on BP you receive from attacks. Good Luck :)

12-09-2012, 10:21 AM
all good points really

12-09-2012, 05:23 PM
Thanks for the advise. It sounds like there are not really any secrets, just keep plugging along. That is what I will do!