View Full Version : [Android] MW v2.0.4 Build:29 released

11-24-2012, 09:00 AM
Is it too much to ask for a changelog, GREE?

Bad or not addressed:
-No scratchers yet.
-MW seems to be crashing Skype! (not just this patch, since a long time)

-New app privilege: Retrieve running apps.
This isn't a very serious privacy intrusion.
I would guess it's for performance analysis and/or other technical purposes.
But could as well be for spying on competitors, like the new Hobbit game, and generally looking up what apps are popular to use, or worse like profiling individuals by apps. And don't think it's ONLY when you're in MW, it always runs in the background unless you force-close.
Personally, I don't have any special/sensitive apps running...
But in any case, I'd prefer to keep that private, GREE!

-In the last 3 updates, the memory leak seems to have been reduced.
(It's the issue where the games total space went from ~100MB to 200 to 300, causing disappearing buildings problem to become more frequent. To get them back you had to force-close the app. And too decrease total size, reinstall.)
-In the last 3 updates, the disappearing buildings issue has been reduced dramatically.
-In the last 3 updates, certain aspects of performance have improved.