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11-07-2012, 12:59 PM
I'm having a cup of tea.

Once it's done I'm going out so if I don't reply I will once I'm home.

Now Burn with a capital B.

I created Fig as my crime city personal.

So Fig being a douchbag is fine, Fig aka Sin are not real.

Please don't mix fantasy with reality.

Now showing your family pic was nothing about the forum being decent, it was posted because you wanted to impress the forum girls.

It was to impress baroness, you assumed she would be someone special in your life but allegedly was a guy, so once these advances didn't work you made some silly post and got banned.

Once your ban was over you posted on the thread that you are fed up of the forum and game and wanted out. (You lost your love).

As time passed & you must of been lurking or on a different username but found out your love of your life baroness was a man!!

Shock, shock, horror, horror.

Then you came back in the game had your forum war with baroness.

Which did impress the core people at the Indian HQ.

So to prove your willing to fight the cause, you made enimies with anyone who Indians didn't approve.

Begged Joey Mr Cool to put a good word for him at Indian HQ.

Indian HQ, knowing his personal background :

White boy who was never accepted by his own colour.

Married a Jamican thinking he be accepted by the black community.

Indian HQ decided we need a cheerleader to push our gang, Burn's is the right man rejected by society.

Unemployed BURdeN (that why he calls himself BURN) to the tax payers.

I laugh in your face, yes maybe Fig is a douch but a intellectual one.

I know the games NOT real, DO YOU!!!!!!!!!!!

11-07-2012, 01:17 PM
Baroness, no one is on your side. Give it up or take it to Off Topic.

11-07-2012, 08:13 PM

So you are under orders from, hand out Bill.

You cheerleaders make me laugh.

If that the best reply you have you better let the thread drop.

When someone says the truth you have to try and gather support by calling me someone I'm not.

Carry on pulling the data files and leave the talking to people who been playing the game since day 1 to do the talking.

Your a dumb fool, only good at kissing butt.

Amazing that's the best you could post.

I now ends this thread as the silence (from burn) is enough to prove I'm 100% correct.