View Full Version : The truths of CC and this great CC war!

G Wiz
10-31-2012, 10:43 AM
...Too big of a title? Nonetheless its wiz here again to offer up my voice to anyone listening.

It is undeniable that the advantage of this game goes to the long hauler...the ones who have been around to gain from the early game, the mistakes, glitches, and the ignorance of the late funzio's vision for the progression of the Crime City game. We know them by heart as they have all impacted us negatively or positively.

What we are left with is an old generation in which their youth has been spared. But I already new this because I used to be one of them...

Now we have a group of new gamers on the scene, happy and determined to run with my crew or another. Some loyal and some with good intentions of being loyal. However, the true scope of things could never be understood by way of stories until they reach the past (game level progression). Yes, we like to think that lvl 200 is what lies ahead, but the future resides at lvl 1 and the past lies at lvl 200....a radical paradigm.

To play catch up is to agree to frustration. So then who's battle are you fighting? I think it becomes obvious when we stop fighting our own battle because we begin to lose control...and thats all this battle is really about because no one ever dies. We get caught up in the perception of what we should and shouldn't be and identify success and failure with that "perception".

The depths of these perceptions are strong! Do not let YOUR battle be fought by someone else, because only wiz can do it like wiz and only you can do it like you!

Stay true to your cause because once you know your battle, only you can win it ;)

10-31-2012, 10:48 AM
I'm playing for the long game. One by one, all the players stronger than me have been quitting. Eventually I'll be the strongest player in crime city!

G Wiz
10-31-2012, 10:58 AM
I'm playing for the long game. One by one, all the players stronger than me have been quitting. Eventually I'll be the strongest player in crime city!And you know what, you are absolutely right...what is ungodly stats on an account thats not being used?

10-31-2012, 11:15 AM
Too deep. Is this some kind of validation for staying at Low Levels camping?

Not that you need to validate, your game, play your way.

But we are having a blast up here. Some thrive on it, some choke on it, but it's a riot every day. Get up here man, because you honestly have not had the full CC experience otherwise.

Without the CK war I'd have stayed quit.

I honestly only came back from retirement and got involved because I didn't like the way Baroness was seemingly at the time taking over the forums, the players, and to a lesser extent the game, without any recourse or response - and the fun I have had since has trumped everything previous including Rat Catching.

G Wiz
10-31-2012, 11:24 AM
^^^ I wouldn't call it a validation as much as I would call it two seperate realities. How long did it take the average player (not in a war) to make it to the shark tank or better yet lvl 200? I would say roughly a full year or slightly less by a few months. maybe more now that the tank is shrinking, but the sharks are multiplying!

So really, its why I said that people need to start fighting their own battles and not others. It goes back to the perceptions and falling victim to it. People rush up, get destroyed, get mad and quit and its called a victory by someone...trust.

Well to put it simply, that person did not fight their own war, they couldn't win.

Can a gang member be a camper? Can a camper be a loud mouth flamer?

Perceptions and what we do with it.

10-31-2012, 11:32 AM
Still sounds like a cop out G ;)

All I would say is this, as above, do not quit the game before you experience the chaos in Indian territory. You'll always be left wondering what is was like, and how you would have coped. It's a mental game up here, a test.

btw, it isn't a one-way street - very easy to dissappear off the radar at HL through mob size adjustment.

In fact you can actually completely dissappear and reinvent yourself completely, last time I quit my son played my account under a different name for 2 months at 399 mob, was never ever tagged by anyone as being my account.

G Wiz
10-31-2012, 11:46 AM
That is interesting...I don't think I'll be quitting before then no doubt, Definately was all about timing and placement though...Had I not been thrown back in the fishing bowl I might not have been CK. I basically grew up in this game with all the indians if you think about it.