View Full Version : Crash city?

Luke 3457
09-11-2012, 11:05 AM
The title says it all... Anyone else experiencing crashes again ?

09-11-2012, 11:20 AM
No not at the moment.

09-11-2012, 11:22 AM
Very clever, Luke 3457.

I see what you did there ...

09-11-2012, 11:32 AM
android just got updated works even better now

Luke 3457
09-11-2012, 11:34 AM
Very clever, Luke 3457.

I see what you did there ...
I'm surprised u got it😂 did u have say it in your head a few times to understand it😂😭

09-11-2012, 11:51 AM
Yeah, I still don't get it, lol

09-11-2012, 12:00 PM
I feal dumm i doant git it

09-11-2012, 12:06 PM
Mine never stopped on iPod. Crushes like wooden boat in the nasty storm among riffs.

09-11-2012, 12:13 PM
Mine crashes on CC HD Only, never on my iPhone account

Vile Lynn
09-11-2012, 12:32 PM
My iPad crashes all the darn time, but I think it is full of screen shots... I need to clear some space. I don't think it is GREE problem for once, ha!

09-11-2012, 01:29 PM
Crashes vary depending on what hardware you're using. Crashing will undoubtedly be more prevalent on iPods/iPhone3/iPad1 than iPhone4/iPad2or3.

The same goes for underpowered Android phones versus a new Galaxy Tab2. Got a lot of crashing?....upgrade your hardware or delete unneeded junk from your device so your "favorite" game can run better...

09-11-2012, 01:58 PM
I haven't had crashes in a long time....

09-11-2012, 02:03 PM
I found out yesterday that on iPhones and iPads do a "cleaning" process on the apps now.
It makes the icon dim like when downloading an app, but says cleaning.
And you can't get anything from the store when it's doing it. Gets rid of old cache files from what I read.

09-11-2012, 11:05 PM
Seams Like events(auction or boss's) does it worse than when not doing an events of sorts. But I had it do the same thing on another game I downloaded from TJ and couldnt get passed one spot because it crashed every time. So I dont think it totaly Gree's fault but it might be due to the SIZE of the app its 569MB now.

I have had it in the 1.5 GB before but deleted and reinstalled fixed it temperarly. I am using a 3GS.

09-11-2012, 11:34 PM
I don't normally complain about crashed but today for some reason it has been constant today. I think I'm averaging one crash every hour I'm playing, and it's never this bad. I just wanted to see what everyone else is experiencing but personally, today doesn't seem like a good day to be playing CC D:

<3 Hz
09-11-2012, 11:53 PM
Mine tends to crash sometimes when I go to deposit $ in the bank.

09-12-2012, 12:40 AM
95% of my crashes occur either when robbing or fighting. I think the game realizes if the rival hood has been open for a little while, >10 minutes for instance, that what I'm seeing is not correct anymore and is outdated. Therefore it crashes or else it'd give me an unfair advantage?

I feel like the crashes are sometimes necessary but there are much more crashes than expected, more than me leaving the rival hood open for more than a short amount of time.

brutus beefcake
09-12-2012, 10:54 AM
I can't do much of anything mines crashes so much. It crashes a good four times before the game even loads up, and if I try to visit someone's hood it crashes. I only get on to collect my cash now and try to farm weapons as visiting more than one place will make it crash every time :mad:

09-13-2012, 12:06 PM
It would be great if they could figure out a way to make it multitask.
Not sure if it would be better or worse. Lol
It does crash on my 3GS... But only here and there.