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09-02-2012, 03:26 AM
I can seem find a discussion on skill points allocation but i need some advice

Right now
Attack 57
Defence 57
Energy 690
Stamina 10

I am not attacker my game player has been defender since i started but i am getting to stage where i need to start put more in energy because i open bigger map as i am at level 60. I mainly do maps just whenever the events are on which has become weekly as result i am level up faster.

Every time i level up i put 1 in each attack,defence and energy but i decided from now on all 3 in energy?

09-02-2012, 03:54 AM
Not attacking in CC is like having sex without a partner ...

Having that said skip defence from now on. Defence is a pure waste. At lvl 162 I have less then you and stil regret the spent points.

You want to get you energy to a decent amount in the long run. Check the energy requirements for one hit on the highest boss you unlocked and shot for 2x to 3x that amount.

And you really want to get stamina. Believe me, once you enter the higher levels, 10 stamina seriously cripples your gameplay. I'd say 30 minimum.

That leaves attack points. Each point translates to 10 effective attack once you reach level 100. It depends on you stats how much value that brings. I'd skip them for now. You have decent stamina / energy long before level 200 so plenty of time to dump all remaining points into attack later.

I might be biased as I am a heavy attacker, but everything in this game comes down to your style.

09-02-2012, 04:06 AM
I do attack people when i doing hit man round/winning stake /mayham goals ( currently attack 60 player and 60 robbery) but that's it.

Ok i will skip defence i thought it would make a difference but you saying attack is where skill point are worthwhile.

With stamina - I probably increase by 5 every 10 levels.

Thanks for the advice i been so focused on my economy i really didn't pay any attention to skill points i didn't get to point where i have too far allocated my points.