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08-26-2012, 11:09 AM
This is for players taking part in the Robbery event, and is primarily for non-Gold spenders, as a method of gaining the most out of each Stamina used.

Firstly, unless you are buying Gold for Stamina refills, you don't need to rob anything and everything available, you can afford to be patient - as long as you keep Stamina bar below maximum, then you aren't wasting anything.

This means you can take your time to find good targets; robberies that pay out maximum Respect and cash in your bracket.

If your stamina is about to reach max, then of course rob anything you find rather than letting bar sit on max, as a maxed out bar means you are not gaining additional Stamina, and that is Stamina wasted.

Using this method you can increase your daily Repect return by thousands and rob many more millions in cash $ per day - so even if you don't win the final prize, the event will have been useful anyway.

Best overall buildings to rob...
Casino - big cash payout and 14 Respect
Palm Hotel - big cash payout and 14 Respect
Office Buildings - big cash payout and 14 Respect
Nightclub - big cash payout and 14 Respect
Hotel - big cash payout and 11 Respect
Condos - big cash payout and 14 Respect
Loft - decent cash and 14 Respect
French Restaurant - decent cash and 11 Respect
Gentlemans Club - big cash payout and 5 Respect

The above offer the optimal overall return for your Stamina spend.

These buildings are your backups, I always rob these as they still good for either cash or Respect, but not always both...
Pirate Taverns - big cash, but only 1 Respect
Rock Cafe - big cash, but only 1 Respect
Credit Agency - big cash, but only 1 Respect
Clothing Store - 11 Respect
Meat Factory - 11 Respect
Jazz Club - 7 Respect
Warehouse - 8 Respect
Wedding Chapel - 5 Respect
Movie Theater - 5 Respect
Russian Restaurant - 5 Respect

This last list contains the buildings I only rob when Stamina is approaching maximum and needs to be reduced...
Chinese Restaurant - 5 Respect
Italian Restaurant - 5 Respect
Empire Theater - 5 Respect
Collection Agency - 5 Respect
Shoe Store - 5 Respect
Diner - 5 Respect

The above are baseline Respect payouts as originally pulled from game data by our friend allhaildiscordia

08-26-2012, 12:13 PM
This event still hasn't shown up (on iPad3). Lame.

08-26-2012, 12:15 PM
Nice list, that's pretty much what I go by on my daily game play with out an event lol. Not that the event has even showed up on my IPad yet.......

08-27-2012, 04:34 AM
Did you thought of the xp you get from the buildings? Because robbing 5 Lofts is giving the same amount of exp as 1 MT. But probably 14x more rp.

Also, where's the Laundromat? I'ts low on cash but quite good on the amount of xp for rp.