View Full Version : Just a thought, maybe, perhaps, could it be.....

08-25-2012, 02:27 PM
With everyone's rivals list malfunctioning, a recent ios only event, then a recent android only event....I was thinking what if the game was ACTUALLY splitting into two separate games on two different servers with ur rivals list only compromising of either all ios players or all android players, with occasional dual format events like the 1 year anniversary event.

1. Would people be in favor of this?

2. How would it affect gangs if all of your membership is on one platform, or even broken up between the two.

3. How would it affect the HL "gang wars", along with the up-coming players trying to unseat the established HL players?

4.What about the events, would more people start to participant more often with a smaller pool of players in each event?

5.Would there be a mad dash of ios users becoming android users to become the so called "Crime City God" on android?

Just a thought....I welcome open discussion. Not sure if this topic has already been brought up previously in another thread. I apologize if it has.