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08-06-2012, 09:39 AM
There's plenty of documented cases of people syncing and intrinsically it makes sense. But I'd like to offer a counterpoint. I don't really subscribe to either approach fully; but thought this would be an interesting exercise. I'll stop short of suggesting intentional desync, though I suppose there's a case for that, too.
Obviously, syncing has it's advantages - it helps people on time collections by allowing standard alarms to be set. 6 hour buildings, when collected right match up with 12hrs which match with 24hrs which match with 48hrs.

However, there are also advantages in not syncing.*

To properly take advantage of these a few conditions should be met:
-Active player: the more you log in the less it makes sense to sync.
-Vulnerable player: if you're in "God mode" and don't need to worry about robs you're probably not reading this anyway.
-IPH high enough to warrant robbery attempts: if you've got a crap IPH and crap buildings for your level you should read any of the starter guides.

Other times it makes sense to not sync:
-During events where you're opening a box/crate/file every hour: you're logging in, anyway.

Collection drift towards sync anyway
-Most players have a minimum 1-2 collections per day. Morning and evening. Assuming this is the case your buildings eventually drift towards your morning collection, syncing anyway.
-More active players (hourly, bi-hourly, tri-hourly) will also have their collections drift towards the end of the day and eventually towards the morning collection.*
-You can estimate expected collection drift based on your typical collections based on collection rate % 2. So if you collect every hour, assuming a gaussian drift your typical drift will be 30 minutes (with a max of 59 minutes), unless you'll have an overnight drift. If you know when your major mid-term collections are this number can be decreased.
Be unpredictable
-Especially at the mid/higher levels rivals are much smarter and will remember you and your collection times if they're able to catch you during one.
-There's a hidden advantage of not having all your 24hr/48hr buildings collectable - if a rival stumbles onto them all uncollected, or is stalking your collection time you're now out a whole lot of money.
-With desync'd buildings they'll have to settle for what's there, minimizing losses.
-There's also the chance an unfamiliar rival doesn't realize that partially hidden Level 2 Nightclub uncollected by its lonesome is there or worth robbing.*
Don't miss collections due to syncing
There's a cost directly associated with syncing. (1) You miss out on your income while you're waiting for sync (2) You've lost 40 cents on $1 of each building that was robbed during sync.
No alarms
If you can't have your phone buzzing every few hours you can collect when you want, untied to an alarm schedule that, if you screw up will necessitate resyncing.

Anyone an actual de-sync'er? That'd be an interesting perspective. -mxz

08-06-2012, 09:47 AM
Yup, I let the buildings synch themselves eg when I'm out of network or busy in RL. Upgrades just put them out anyway.

08-06-2012, 10:49 AM
+1, I also let buildings sync themselves over time. Travel and other real life events cause me to miss collections from time to time anyhow, I try not to worry about it too much.

08-06-2012, 12:21 PM
Im on the 12 month plan...after 7 months my 12hrs have finally synced and im hoping by '13 i can have em all lined up :)

08-06-2012, 12:43 PM
The Case For Syncing

It's the best defense against robberies and conserves defense explosives. Oh wait, that's collecting on time :p

08-06-2012, 01:01 PM
Very good summary and the above are very valid points. I can see the case for de-syncing but that would only really be recommended, in my opinion, if you do sometimes forget to collect. Eg if your 12h collection is at 10 o'clock and you only remember by looking at the time on your phone/watch etc then it's likely you'll miss the exact collection time easily by a few minutes on a regular basis.

At higher levels each hood is visited very often so those 5 minutes, 10 minutes or 15 minutes you're late collecting will be highly likely to have a visitor seeing all of them ready to collect

For me, I don't log in as often as I used to. If I de-synced mine and collected as and when I am very confident each of my 12/24/48 buildings would have successful attempts throughout the day. With my synced buildings I have a timer that goes off twice a day. Those buildings haven't been robbed in a few months now

When I have had someone stalk me and visiting me regularly I would always leave robbed buildings as they are until an odd hour and collect it eg whilst the other player is clearly not playing to throw them off my timings.

I guess, as always, that it's down to personal playing styles but your suggestions are bang on the money for other players on here