View Full Version : Need to sync my hood, come rob me please.

08-04-2012, 04:55 PM
I think there was a thread about this somewhere but I searched 15 pages and couldn't find it so I'm posting it here. I messed up my 24/12 collection times the past 2 days so I need to sync my hood again so since I have a couple of back and forth battles going on I'd rather someone from here get the money then someone I'm going at it with. The buildings will come up at different times between midnight and 2am.

In game name: James
Mafia size 440ish
Level 131
Attack 27500
Deffense 28100
IPH 240k

If your able to hit me just leave a message on my wall that your from the forum and I won't revenge rob you.
Also feel free to add me after 301 591 844