View Full Version : Battle points seem relative

06-12-2012, 12:38 PM
*This is a thread about the game mechanics. No whining allowed.*

I just ran an experiment regarding Battle Points, and thought I'd share with friends, family and fools. I think the road to Spec Ops will require a strategy to maximize BP.

Attacking/raiding this specific player was giving me 230 pts per successful attempt. Our stats were pretty close. His public stats about 5K less than my private stats, boost unknown on his part. I then decided to spent a chunk of accumulated valor and increased my stats by maybe 4K. With no other changes on his part or mine, battle points have dropped to 190.

This leads me to believe that BPs are calculated at least partly based on how close the antagonists stats are to each other. If someone at the lower levels was willing to run an experiment with attacking someone very close to their own stats, we could figure out if there's also a level-related component to BP.