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06-10-2012, 06:01 PM

I have been playing Mordern War for a little while and I have some questions I hope someone here could answer.

1) Defence Skill points vs Defensive buildings
Getting three skill points per level seems very low compared to what a few defensive buildings (covering your whole base) give you in defensive points.
Therefor I assume that these two defence numbers are used in deffent ways. Am I correct or are they the same.
And in that case, why even bother using your skill points to raise your defence skill?

2) Raid/attack differences
Does your attack/defence skill points and alliance points count the same for both raids and attacks?

3) What to buy for you valor points.
Is five units with 10 attack (or defence) points equivalent to one unit with 50 attack (or defence) points? Does the number of units matter?

That's all! For now... :)

06-10-2012, 06:39 PM
Ok to your first qeustion.

1. Skill points and defensive building points are 2 totally different things. And we do not know how they factor in really. Skill points do make a differance though. Though it is invisible to you and others how they take affect.

2. Your skill points both A & D count towards attacking and defending. Not sure what you mean by alliance points though. Unless you mean alliance number. Then depending on what lvl you are depends on how many allies you can use.

3. The number of units does matter, but per every ally you can take 4 more units to battle. I'd say the higher stat valor unit the better in the long run, because you would just have to replace the lower stat valor units in the future with higher stat units. When you buy a new unit say (attack 10) and your lowest attack unit has (5 attack) then you will be adding 5 more attack points, replacing the old unit with the new unit.

Hope this helps some. And I understood you correctly.

06-11-2012, 12:48 PM
Yes, this helped a lot!
And finally I understod the alliance thing. I have always read it that you Will take four of _your ally's_ units. But you made me realize that it was my own troops. Thanks. :)

So I take it you recommend to fill up with defence skills. Any number one should aim at?
One per level? 1/2 per level?

Fifth Reich
06-11-2012, 04:01 PM
Fill your energy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11