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05-17-2012, 12:20 AM
Hey guys, I've been kinda stalking the forums, for a few months now, just sitting back and reading what others had to say about economies, guides, strategies, and I was wondering if somebody with a little more insight than me had something to say about the choices that I have in front of me right now...

At level 86 I have:
2 Dominican Restaurant 3/4
2 Movie Theater 5/5
2 Italian Restaurant 6/6
1 Wholesale Warehouse 3
1 Underboss House 1

I admit it's not even anywhere near being in the same realm as the economic power that I've seen roaming around the forums but I'm slowly trying to build it up. These are just some more of the highly talked about buildings that I've seen being thrown around on the forums, and these all add up with other buildings to $28,807/hr with Tycoon.

So I was wondering what the next item I should build or upgrade should be? I looked through a spreadsheet to find that the next added $/hr upgrade/build would be an Upscale Club, and I have more than enough money for that, but I was just wondering the best option to increase $/hr in the long run in terms of my economy.

For anybody who is wondering I have 56 mafia. I tried to keep this number down, I actually added nobody with mafia code and this is all from goals as well as from the events. With just 56 mafia that rules out building lofts of course. Here is the breakdown of the best options that I had from a spreadsheet that is ranked by the amount added for $/hr at my level and current setup:

Upscale Club to level 1: $3,758/hr
Church to level 1: $2,200/hr (I don't buy gold, so I doubt tapjoy would provide 200 gold)
Movie Theater to level 6: $1,989/hr (44 hour upgrade)
Beach Nightclub to level 1: $1,925/hr
Underboss House to level 2: $1,613/hr

Honestly i'm sorry to be asking for help on my first post here, but I was just wondering what you guys (the much more experienced and well versed players) thought should my next build or upgrade for the long run economy.

Thanks for your time! ^^

05-17-2012, 12:26 AM
Upgrade the Doms and MTs more... Doms to 5 and MT as high as you can, 7 is enough. Why don't you mafia up for the Loft??? I think you should. Upscale clubs are nice, anything high end for 12/24/48 is good, a good collection of each, also upgraded... it really sparks a good economy. Promptly reduce mafia to stay off the grid and build/upgrade as much as you can. Probably a month or so and those things could be really high up there.

05-17-2012, 12:27 AM
Lofts should definitely be built and upgraded before the upscales. I would increase mafia to 100, build 2 Lofts, then drop your mafia back down of that's what floats your boat. In reality, carrying 100 mafia at lvl 86 isn't that bad.

05-17-2012, 12:45 AM
I actually kept my mafia generally low because at the time M4s were still farmable and I had 46 when they removed them, I had just unlocked the boardwalk shooting gallery and was really getting a good amount a day. Ah well.

So i could just go over the to Invite Mafia section right below this and start adding people in with their codes or is there some unspoken rule that I should ask them first?
Never really had to invite people nor add mafia, I've generally tried to keep at it alone so far :P

05-17-2012, 01:00 AM
No, just add their mafia codes ... They're the ones doing the asking. You could also consider posting your mafia code and let people send the requests to you. Then, you can decide how many you want to add and when. This may also save you time down the road if you want to build a NC (need 300 mafia to unlock).

05-17-2012, 01:13 AM
I'm my opinion the next move you should make is clear. Post your mafia code in the "add me" section of the forum and/or on a few player's walls (although many people don't like that because it pushes their news). Once you get requests from other players just leave them alone until you have what you need, then accept all requests, build a Loft, and delete everyone you added. Repeat this for the next Loft or wait 4 days for the first one to finish, your choice.

Once you have your Lofts built, try to focus on upgrading them to level 6. If you find yourself unable to afford the next upgrade, do a cheaper upgrade to keep your upgrade tool busy.

That's just what I would try to do. I'm sure other people will have different and possibly better suggestions, but that's the whole point of discussing anything :cool:

05-17-2012, 01:13 AM
Awesome thanks for the help, I think I heard many people talking about building night clubs, or at least saving for them around $200,000 an hour so I thought i'd push for 300 mafia down the road a little for the night club, so until then I suppose i'm off to hunt for some more mafia and i'll build those lofts ^^

And yeah I certainly have enough money, $13M in the bank with nothing to really spend it on, usually all the money I put into upgrades I make back with robberies and attacks as well as collections. You'd be surprised how many people leave over $100,000 lying around with a really low defense around this level. So I figured it was time to start really pushing the economy forward with all that spare cash.