View Full Version : Make the quarter pipes a little wider please.

OG Kush
05-08-2012, 03:34 PM
Te quarter pipes are two squares wide but when I put 2 together there is a little gap. I would like this to change so I can make a skatepark in my hood because that's what all hoods have. A ghetto skatepark.

When this is fixed I'm sure more people will be buying more decorations and it make their neighborhood look really cool.

With the quarter pipe not fitting in the full square it provides. It almost isn't worth buying on how oddly shaped and not stackable.

I'm sure many other people who use a lot of decoration. Would like this to happen also. I personally don't think it isn't that hard to make the ramp fit in the squares it provides.

Also, adding more decorations would be nice.

OG Kush
Level 130.