View Full Version : Feature Request Game Idea Pay for a Hit

04-19-2012, 08:17 PM
So this whole cheating with money thing has me kinda annoyed and I have been tracking a cheater who hit me 8 days ago and so far nothing has happened.. Noticed he is building a nightclub now and was thinking.... I am not strong enough to take him down with his maxed out cash weapons and vehicles etc, but there are many gold players at this level who could easily make life fun..

So what if funzio created a feature that allowed us to transfer gold in to other players as a request feature to hit another player. You hit em, I pay.

I would be more than willing to give up 5 tapjoy gold to someone who would pound another player for me...I would love to see those expensive explosives get burned up...

Just a thought.... comments, suggestions....

Oh and overall it would make the idea of robbing/attacking quite a bit more interesting and dynamic.