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03-24-2012, 05:04 PM
Hey all,

I've come to a decision on what I plan to do with my future RP investments. Please give honest and constructive feedback.

300x NVB
250x CW
150x Exeleros
200x Sawn Offs

Any and all feedback is appreciated!

03-24-2012, 05:06 PM
too much nvb and cw. don't forget the RPG!!!

03-24-2012, 05:13 PM
I'm all about the RPG and Exeleros!!!

03-24-2012, 09:13 PM
The NVB and the Sawn offs are not a good investment IMO. Some can argue that the NVB are only 1 point off the Full combat gear, but still, that one point is something you'll have to make up for endgame. RPGs are what you should invest in as far as guns go. Exceleros and CW are fine though, can't be beat without gold.

03-24-2012, 11:40 PM
Hi Santa

I had a look at your hood and stats, not sure how they compare with others at your lvl. Would you say average or above average?
The RP investment is hard to plan long term IMO, as you want to make sure you invest well at your lvl for the short term until the RPG's and Exeleros open up.

At your lvl Sawn offs I still think a good investment now the M4A1 gone but only get about 100 of them
CW good investment but costly until you start making a lot of RP. You have a good economy going, way better than myself at that lvl and it will only grow.
Steel Garottes are a good intermin investment, cheap and provide good bang for buck.
Since you have the economy maybe invest in the SG until you start making good RP daily.
The SG will eventually disappear from your inventory used for att/def but think you still have around 50-60 lvls to go before that happens.
NVB or FCG, everyone has there own views on this. I personally was looking at NVB long term, have around 100, but not so sure now. I am looking now at the FCG for the long term.
Vehicles are really costly. Short terms Yamahas I think are great, with the long term on the exeleros.
The money required to invest in vehicles does not compare to the return you get from the Yams in the short term.(I am forever getting the popup I do not have enough vehicles)
For me, personally, if I could have saved my RP's up I would have put them towards; RPG, CW, FCG and Exeleros.

If you want to lvl slowly to gain RP to bump your stats up, only rob for a bit and rob the LM, Lofts and Collection Agencies. Not the most exciting way but if your stats a lowish or average for your lvl then I believe it is the way to go.
With PvP you can lvl up every other day, the robbing of LM etc can sometimes take you 4 or 5 days depending on game play.

03-25-2012, 01:49 AM
The NVB and the Sawn offs are not a good investment IMO. Some can argue that the NVB are only 1 point off the Full combat gear, but still, that one point is something you'll have to make up for endgame. RPGs are what you should invest in as far as guns go. Exceleros and CW are fine though, can't be beat without gold.

There is no such thing as "end game" in CC. Developers have already stated in the forums that their goal is to keep people playing the game for a long time. Its only a matter of time before new and better respect and or cash items come out. Dont ever be afraid to buy NVB and sawn offs if that works for you. They can be a great and efficient way to boost your stats in the short term. There is no shortage of respect in this game, you can always replace them with higher stat weapons later.

03-25-2012, 06:09 AM
Okay guys! Thanks for the input! My stats are above average (save those random gold players), but I still get robbed sometimes. Although I lose some robberies, I win all fights at my level. How's this revised plan look to you guys?

100 NVB (good attack, but eventually I will buy FBI shields for defense)
100 Sawn Off (I see these as a short/medium term investment)
300 CW (best RP weapon IMHO)
250 Exelero (or however much I can afford)
200 RPG (or however much I can afford)

I miss anything?

03-25-2012, 06:28 AM
Hey Santa

One thing I have noticed, is once you get to get to a certain point buying in game weapons does not make any difference even to the point where it is actually a waste of money.

At my stage(lvl 117) I will not think about spending money on weapons except for map quests. The only weapons I will spend money on now are explosives. My economy is starting to look after after itself so not fussed about the losses I make.

At your stage, maybe look to save your RP for the better items(in hind sight I would have but you play for the moment)
You have a good economy dump your cash into the Steel Garottes(best bang for buck) and spread between Yamahas and Sawn offs(around 100 each).
You say you are above average for your lvl, so you can afford to play it wisely.

This is just my opinion

03-25-2012, 07:41 AM
I only have 100 mafia and I plan to keep it that way for a while. So the RP figures are just future goals.

Steel Garrotes seem good, but IDK if my economy can support it. 100*53,000=5,300,000. I think I'll phase into Steel Garrotes by buying meat cleavers. I already have 100+ maces as defensive melee items. Meat Cleaver and Mace combined would be equivalent to a (6/6) melee item, which I consider good at the moment. Eventually, yes, I will purchase Steel Garrotes. But for now meat cleavers seem okay. Also, what do you guys think of riot shields as a replacement for NVB. The RP not spent on NVB could then be redirected to CW's. I still believe NVB's are a good value and I see them as an attack based armor. Maybe outfit my entire mafia (100) with:

69 M4A1
1 Military Assault Rifle
1 Jade Assault Rifle
1 Assassination Pistol
And the rest with rusty M4's and/or PvP loot

100 NVB

Eventually fill with CW's
100 Meat Cleavers then Steel Garrotes
100 Maces

None ATM

Farming Lowriders (6/6)
Some Yamahas
Some 69 Camaro's

Exelero's and RPG's don't open up for a while. I think I'll get 100 NVB first, then continue my CW spree while buying meat cleavers and/or Seel Garrotes.

03-25-2012, 07:54 AM
At your stage your economy will support the SG, they will last a lot longer than the Meat Cleavers. Think you would only need around 50 of them. I have 25 and not used anymore :(
Explosives you would not need at this stage.

Sawn offs, NVB'a and Yamahas still at good IMO at your lvl

03-25-2012, 07:56 AM
Too bad I couldn't donate my Yamahas to you. Lol