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03-12-2012, 02:19 PM
since a week or two i've been making a lot of cash from attacking without loosing 100000000 valors and without camping with 10 allies so maybe i can share my experiences

i don't have a country bonus and most of my boost unit building are at lvl 2
my infirmary is at lvl 1
i don't have the -20% casualty unit

my skills points are

15 stamina
lvl 46
total attack : 3000 density : 9,5
total defense : 6400 density : 20,25
allies : 79
total units : 1162
wins : 2200
lost : 250 ( nearly all from attacking )
valor points : 3'300

my attack units : 34 super hornets, 75 amphibious trooper, 55 inflatable, 120 sniper and the rest is loot units i get from attack (i.e. mountain citadel tank)
my defense units : 34 hornets, and rest is ambulance with maybe a few exception of one osprey

in 2200 fight and 300 raids i lost 12 super hornets maximum

first of all you want to start by creating a good economy i say get to 100k an hour as fast as you can, don't waste your time on useless buildings for now ( 5 mins, 30 mins, 1 hour )
while making your economy farm the amphibious troopers as much as you can
location : dry docks amphibious squad leader
of course you also want to have a map expansion, a vault expansion going

once you hit the 100'000 hourly income start buying ambulance until you get a better then average defense after that you will start to work on your attack. while you are starting to buy ambulance you will be low on cash here is the time to update the low level buildings, they cost nearly nothing to upgrade and you'll still make a profit in the end

now that you have a better then average defense you can start thinking about growing your alliance attack, personally i don't like to have more then 10% super hornets, i find it safer to have less then 10% of them because i loose them a lot less

remember the farming you did while getting your economy started, well you should have a good amount of amphibious troopers by now so that should be a good 40% of your army, as you will attack you will also notice some loot start to pile up so this will be in the end 10% of your army now you have to make 40% this is where you want a unit that you can afford to loose all the time and that is higher then the ambulance attack so you don't bring your ambulance in attack

some good units are : snipers or fighter jets

now you are ready to battle !!


unless you don't really care about your looses this part is important i won't risk loosing if i don't think the guy i attack have all is money vaulted

what to look for : small base, a good amount of money, 60%-70% of your attack score so you are nearly sure you will win

now attack one time, if no cash just get to the next target until you find a good cash cow with the cash you get you have two options : buying inflatables until they make 15% of your army or buying ambulances i personally bought ambulances first then i started buying inflatables

always try to do the tasks that give valors points so if you loose a super hornet you can buy another one

IMO, the goal of attacking isn't to have the highest possible attack score, it will cost too much to maintain and you won't make profit, your goal is to make lets say 100k per attack and loose only 2-3 of your meat shields and in the worst case that would be 30'000 (3 snipers)

my defense is more then two time my attack but i still manage to make a good profit because my army is cheap. my most valuable unit cost 10'000 i couldn't care less loosing them. don't stress for your defense i loose an ambulance once 4-5 wins so there is no problem there

i haven't lost a fight from getting attacked in 3 weeks and when i lost 3 weeks ago it was a heavy gold buyer which are my lvl are hard to come by.

allies : don't add unless you can pay for the ambulance required to keep your defensive army full of hornets or ambulance

NOTE : of course this guide isn't for everyone --- people who are already on whale territory or heavy gold buyer, or campers because face it with this tactic you will level up

also better results could be achieved with better boost buildings country bonus etc..

Agent Orange
03-12-2012, 04:31 PM
Nice work CnC you are right in that sweet spot in terms of level and ally count. My LLP is one level below you but only has 27 allies. Because of the lower ally count they need to have strong units going into battle otherwise they will be weak since you can only bring in a certain number of units based on ally count.

Their stats are

missions: 1773
fights won: 1662
fights lost: 106 also mainly due to me attacking out of curiosity
raids won: 696
raids lost: 3
total units: 720
attack: 1312
defense: 1859

My skill point mix is a bit different with a bit more to stamina and defense since I realize that at some point I can't fly under the radar and will make it to whale territory granted that is now at L90.

In the past couple of days I notice a change in attacking and raiding and it feels like the weighting on skill points has been bumped up since I'm seeing players with much weaker stats win attacks and then loose the next. Same with going in and attacking or raiding which is very odd given the visible numbers. In the past on my original player L124 I keep a very high defensive stamina count because I'm a free player living in shark land. It gave me about 10,000 of hidden defense boost.

Because of this one of my recommendations is to attack the rivals boost buildings and if this is someone you really want to make a statement to take out their infirmary and composite factory (if they have one) as that will weaken them and also cause their casualty rate to increase making them weaker the longer you hit them up.

You are wise to bank valor, it's always handing when you suddenly need a fast bump up because someone isn't taking the hint and keeps hitting you up.