View Full Version : What is the best money building upgrade order to follow?

02-07-2012, 11:10 AM
This is my third day playing, I figured this topic must be discussed somewhere before but I have no way to find. So just start this new one with some of my amateur thoughts.*

I*start doubting the upgrade order of ROI now, because in that case you have to upgrade laundromat and pizza parlor to a very high lvl then going for all those lvl 1 buildings; which left all your money waiting at the bank.
I have a feeling that if you don't invest your money constantly in CC, you must be doing pretty bad 😳

I saw 99% of the players around my lvl are doing the lonely building concentration way. They don't expand, they don't make full use of the land.*Either build defense building to hurt even more on their 1000- Income/Hour, or hanging in the middle with a lvl 8 pawn shop and lvl 10 laundromat or pizza parlor and fed me some money. What is going on for all those players?*

So I changed my plan right after on the second day play, and turned to I/H boost.
Now what I do is list the I/H increase amount for all the buildings that are waiting for an upgrade and Divide it by upgrading time needed.*
It kinda can tell the boost speed of I/H increase. So I start from the fastest increasing speed and have a totally different feeling than ROI. Also, I built electronic store without any hesitation because there's plenty of space and money left, and build don't conflict with upgrade.*

Just a thought.
I love this game and would love to have all you guys opinions or experience about this topic. English is my sec language, so please be easy.

Tramp Stamp
02-07-2012, 11:23 AM
It needs minor updates, but my economy thread has a suggested build order.