View Full Version : Money Saving Tip

02-02-2012, 07:54 PM
Tramp Stamp says banks are for suckers :)... but if I left my cash out, I would be broke. I have multiple incomings every hour so even 15 minutes of holding is a 300k risk.

A fun tip to save banking fees that many of you are already using i'm sure... Match your upgrade / Build Times to your biggest collections.

At later levels, it is very easy to sync builds as they are multiples of 24hrs... and I use 48 hr missle turrets to buffer between buildings when cash is low.

Upgrades have a great variety of timing, but you can do some math and add a smaller upgrade inbetween your large upgrades to make them fall right.

With every large upgrade/building I save over 100k, and with every turret I save 50k.