View Full Version : best NPC drop for melee weapon / armor / Car?? (lvl 50 -70+)

01-19-2012, 01:25 PM
I looked briefly around on the forums but havent found exactly what I'm looking for. My char is lvl 45 now and I think we can all agree the m4a1 is the best NPC weapon drop. I getting to the point where all my mafia members are using one or a better item to attack with. @ this point, is there a location that will unlock soon or a current location where I can get a good melee weapon? I'm using my rep points to get the Yamaha race bike or the NVB's, but not finding a good melee weapon. My char is only 3 weeks old so I dont have alot of money on the steel garrote.
(I really only care about Attack items- defense will come later)
Here are my stats :

A: 2333
D: 2521
mafia: 77
income per hour : $4928

player code: 262 584 753