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01-16-2012, 09:42 AM
So when I first started the game I didn't do ANY PvP. I only really did the missions and didn't care too much about my economy or attack/defense stats. I'm level 67 and I only started caring about the aforementioned things at about level 50. After around level 55 (when I realized I could in no way compete in PvP without taking some time to build up my stats) is when I started farming M4's and that's been my main source of XP gain since then. Here are some stats:

Personal Attack: 24
Personal Defense: 20
Energy: 1750
Stamina: 8

Total Mafia Attack: 2944
Total Mafia Defense: 4041
ICP: $12313

For income I have two MTs (level 2 right now), two DR (level 2 right now), two Italian Restaurants (level 5 right now, leveling them up has been my main goal lately), and a slew of other buildings that don't get mentioned too often (got them before coming here and seeing what $ buildings are good to get.

I guess after leveling the buildings I just mentioned I was thinking I would get some Lofts since everyone says they're amazing. So any suggestions as to how I can improve my income/attack/what to buy and such?

Fig Oni
01-16-2012, 09:59 AM
Buy cars they are the hardest item to loot, after that melee. Carry on upgrading your current building until the upgrade a too much you can't afford.

01-16-2012, 06:01 PM
#1 - Buy houses and lvl them to lvl 10
#2 - Pawn shops, gun shops - as high as you can be bothered, they've got great ROI's
#3 - This will help you save money to purchase a loft, then a second. Upgrade these at every opportunity
#4 - With a now decent income, purchase more money buildings and upgrades, or...
#5 - Buy weapons with your new found wealth.

A tip - You may already know this, but try to have something upgrading at all times. Boosts your economy every minute of every day. Goodluck!