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12-21-2011, 09:57 AM
How do you deal with a much stronger player who won't leave you alone?

12-21-2011, 11:48 AM
You have a stronger allie pester him until he leaves you alone or never leave money exposed. Spend any extra you can one lots or building upgrades, if those timers are still ticking then buy scouts or some other Def unit. He should stop after a week of getting nothing from you.

What did you do to tick this guy off? LOL

12-21-2011, 01:25 PM
First things first - LEAVE HIM ALONE.
If you have attacked or robbed him, you will be on his news reel, if you lave him alone, you will eventually drop off it and he will not easily be ale to find you again
(Relying only on rivals list can take ages to get the player you want.)
This is why Dovers suggestion does not always work too as your stronger allies may not find him.

Dover's second suggestion of spending everything that isnot in vault is very important, so make sure you do this.

Do not spend tons of money on defensive troops, if he is much stronger, he will just kill them, costing you money, so invest in upgrading small buildings or defensive buildings.
Keep the collection ammount under $10,000, this way if he robs it he will be losing money. Average troop loss per attack is about $2,500 (REGARDLESS OF SIZE) so a $10,000 building will give the robber $1,500/$1,500/$3,000 an average of $2,000 per hit and a net loss.

Lastly - and I do not condone this.... SPAM
Go to his message board and spam him every hour. This will give him countless newsflashes which he can do nothing about, but also remove you from his news feed when you attacked him. I think this is a petty way to deal with the problem and will piss him off more, so if he finds you in rivals list he is likely to pound you totally just for the hell of it.


Agent Orange
12-21-2011, 02:30 PM
Spamming, very clever idea Skunk....

I would also not attack that person since it does leave a trail of bread crumbs back to you! I will usually just use the raid button or revenge button which means I am just going to have a peek at their stats. If they are close I don't bother with them. If I'm bored which is almost always these days I keep a fair bit of valor saved up and pop for a few SFs or SHs and flush out with a bunch of meat shields.

Granted I only have maybe 3-4 players higher level than me on my rivals list...

But if you are being fragged into the stone age, perhaps figure out why. Part of it can be just due to the nature of the game since the whole idea is to attack and raid so you will loose high value units so you can pay Funzio to buy more.... and if that is the case then the person attacking you is most likely loosing a lot more than you if you have stocked up on a lot of low value units.

You could try sending them an ally request unless the attacks are personal in which case you are either screwed or need to go to plan B.

Plan B will depend a lot on how many allies you have and what level you are at. If you are mid level say in the 30s to 40s with over 200-300 allies I would nuke at least 100 or more. Yes you will see your attack and defense values drop but also watch carefully as you remove your first few. If those numbers (at the top left corner) don't do anythng than that seems to indicated that you had too many to start with as they were not adding to your totals. At some point you will see the numbers start to drop. This is where it will get tricky because the purpose of doing this is to try and drop off their rivals list, the equivalent of slamming on your brakes and having the other person shoot on by... but not to go too far that you really weaken yourself.

If that doesn't work plan C, start building up your defense with Troop Transports, Medics, Engineers and other high defensive value units. Also when receiving skill pts for leveling up I might take all 3 for defense though the jury is still out as to if these pts have any effect in the game. My gut feeling is yes as my bro is finally starting to light at the end of the tunnel. He nuked about 150 allies, has beefed up his defense pts to over 50 and has a lot of Troop Transports and medics. He also has a lot of scouts which are used to shield his higher value units. This last tactic seems to work well when he is attacked as the game seems to want to screw over an attacker even though they have superiour firepower.

He has also started to protect his base more, granted a rival with very high attack values can still get through from what I have discovered.

And finally plan F

If all else fails and you are fed up nuke your base. Do it in stages so some wanker can't stoll in and wipe out your unprotected cash but buy a crapload of defensive units. Then buy a bunch of barrels or sandbags and where your based used to be draw the outline of a hand with raised index finger.....

Agent Orange
12-21-2011, 03:21 PM
How do you deal with a much stronger player who won't leave you alone?

Have I attacked you lately? Sorry had to ask, your user name doesn't ring a bell....