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12-08-2011, 03:41 AM
Hey guys,

I'm unsure on how crime city selects my attack weapons.

I've seen a few posts about people talking about buying weapons for other member in their hood, or just getting the max attack for themselves.

Personally, I'm all about getting the max hit for myself, and utilising the most attack I can. I just can't work it out (I need broken down responses to help understand).

I'm not a gold spender, mostly of my weapons are purchased with respect, coin, and loot. I get that I have to use atleast one gun, one melee weapon, one piece of armour and one vehicle. At the moment, I own 624 weapons and 234 armour. However, when I attack, I only use 449 equipment from 123 mafia members. (I thought you use 4 equipment per member?)

My attack is 3126. Basically, my weapons used are:
14 chain whips, 34 sawn off shotguns, 1 M4 A1, 1 military assault rifle, 5 yamaha race bikes, and a few random things. (i.e. 24 boxing trunks, 15 wrestler masks). Why do I use these when I have other better weapons not put to use??

Sorry for the huge question, I just really don't get it. Thanks again for all your help. If you need to contact me on the game, add me - 496 285 384. Name is Jay. But this isn't for me to gain mafia, just need some help!

Thanks so much,


12-08-2011, 06:15 AM
P.S - lvl 86

12-08-2011, 06:47 AM
You use exactly 1 gun, 1 melee, 1 armour, 1 vehicl amd 1 explosive per mafia.
Unfortunately your stats says weapons, this is guns+melee.
Your stats d not say vehicles - you need to count these.

You have 123 mafia = 615 possible weapons.
Take off the 123 explosives as you have not mentioned these so I assume you have zero - MISTAKE buy 123 molitovs now for $12,300 give yourself 123 extra attak points!

This means you should have 492 items, so I bet you have only 80 vehicles:
492-449 = 43 (items short)
123 mafia - 43 = 80.
So spend respect on mustangs for the next week or so.

Weapons are simply chosen on what is best, so your best 123 guns will be used + your best 123 melee, + your best 123 armour, + your 80 vehicles.

Once you get to full strength mafia (615 items) buy yamaha bikes as at least 20 of your mafia will be using 1/1 junkers and the best bang for buck comes with replacing every junker with a yamaha.

Lastly, you can see what your mafia are using by buying cheap weapons. Buy a $3k gun say 3/2 and see if it is used (stats increase) if not, your mafia are using weaponse stronger than 3/2 !!
You may get a 1/1 increase, which means your mafia are using 2/1 items !
Same for armour and melee.