View Full Version : Introducing our new Webshop for Crime City!

04-29-2020, 03:18 AM
Dear Players,

We are proud to introduce to you our new webshop for CrimeCity.

With this new webshop we would like to offer a better experience to all of our players as well as more flexibility when it comes to purchasing gold and other items for your CrimeCity account.

This flexibility comes in different shapes, starting from:

- Price Reduction: Our new webshop set-up and payment partnerships associated will allow us to reduce all prices by 5%, meaning benefits for everyone from their very first purchase! For the official release, we're offering an added 50% discount for your first purchase!

- Content: Many limitations that exist with our in game sales and offers, won’t matter anymore; e.g. allowing us to offer a bigger variety of bundles in the future.

- Payment options: In this new webshop, you will have more payment methods to choose from, based on your preferences and regional availability.

- Safety: This new webshop is developed with the support of Xsolla, a payment provider platform chosen by some of the biggest names in the industry (e.g. Twitch, Ubisoft etc.). It is therefore absolutely secure.

How To use the new web shop:

Using the new webshop is very simple. You just need to login at https://crimecity.decagames.com/webshop/
using your Invite Code AND your brand new Secret Code which you can find in your profile by clicking the "view secret code" button.

Please note that you can only view the secret code on the newest versions of the game (from version 9.0.0 onward).


Remember to bookmark this address on your mobile or PC browser for easy access!

You can check the option to remember your login details for a quick access next time.

At this point you’re in! Browse through the offers available and after choosing your preferred one you will be redirected to the payment station, where you can select your favourite payment method and proceed with the checkout.

Your payment method will be remembered for your next purchase to give you a smoother experience.

Don't forget, you can benefit from an extra 50% discount for your first purchase!

Would you have any question, encounter any issue or need further guidance with our new webshop, please feel free to ask us in the comments or to contact the Xsolla support team at this link: https://help.xsolla.com/

Your Deca Team