View Full Version : Loyalty rewards and refer a friend campaign!

03-16-2020, 10:09 AM
Dear Players,

It's been almost 9 months since Deca fully took over the game last summer and we would like to thank our players for their loyalty through all the good and bad times.


Activity rewards

To celebrate your fidelity, we will be giving out rewards to all of you once a week and this will run for 6 weeks.

The rewards will include consumables for the different events, as well as some surprises.


Reactivation Gifting

Playing is fun, playing with friends is even better. This is why we have decided to offer gifts to everyone and even include players who want to return to the game.

A welcome back package has been sent to all players that haven't played for the past 30 days but have been active in 2019. To redeem it they will just need to log in again and play! Welcome back!

Also, once a week we will run a check for returning players that last logged in before 2019 and that joined us again now. The rewarding of these players might take up to a week, so please be patient and you will receive your rewards!

Players coming back will receive a headstart with 200 gold and some valuable temporary bonuses : Influence points increase, SA points increase, Raid Boss Damage increase and Energy Regen!


Refer a friend!

Want to help us spread the word and also receive fantastic rewards? We will ask the returning player to give us the friend code of the player that brought them back and we will collect them.

If you bring back at least a player you will receive up to 60 gold (15 for each of the 4 first players you referred) but it's not all, the 5 players bringing back the most players will receive 500 gold.

- Each returning player can only refer one friend code and we will not include new accounts or accounts being inactive for less than 30 days.
- This campaign will run for 6 weeks . The referral rewards will be given out in May, after collecting all the info needed.

Thank you again for your loyalty and help throughout the years!

Your Deca team