View Full Version : BfEC update : One man armies and sanctions

02-18-2020, 06:08 AM
Dear players,

The past BfEC event has been quite a challenge for many of you so we would like to update you on the main topics that were raised this weekend.

One man armies :

As already discussed over the few last iterrations of the BfEC event, this is not a bug but a game design flaw being used or, in some cases, exploited by some players as a strategy to lower the highest ranked teams scores.
This is something we are looking to fix as it does have a lot of side effects that could hurt the game economy quite drastically on the short term.

The exact measures we will take will be discussed with the community soon.

We want to emphasize again that is not a bug. It still requires us to act on it but it's important to use the correct terminology here.


Yesterday evening a few banned players claimed that they did not cross the event cap of 58k hits. As we always agree to review sanctions and double check them, we did the same for the few players in question.

During this reviewing process we did spot a small difference in the metric settings compared to previous events. This does not mean the bans were not justified but since we can't be 100% sure of the impact this small change in the metrics setup had, we will give the benefit of the doubt to these players this time around.

We can't know or affirm that these sanctions were fully justified or unjustified and that's why we want to lift these sanctions.

We want to emphasize that the metrics we used worked as intended but one element of the formula was not set the same way it usually is and it can lead to a few false negatives being flagged. Hence our decision to lift the sanction.

This is something that did not happen with the past events as this small difference was not present the last times we used the metrics. We double checked today for the past few events again and can confirm that this potential issue could have not happened then.

We obviously made sure this will not happen again and we will keep focusing our efforts heavily on bringing the hard cap to the game as soon as possible.

The players and teams affected by these sanctions will get their rewards exchanged accordingly within the next days.

We will not revert the rewards that other teams may have gained due to these sanctions since it's not their fault but ours if they received these rewards and it is not 100% sure if the sanctionned accounts would have or not been flagged without this anomaly in the setting.

Therefore in this event, there is exceptionally two teams ranked number 1 and none ranked number two.

We'd like to appologize to all the affected players and teams again for the inconvenience and to the community for all the drama this caused.

We tried to be as transparent as we could lately regarding the sanctions and the flaws in the caps and we built these new rules with the community. We will keep going this way a'd we will always acknowledge when it clearly appears that a mistake from our side could have altered the event results and do our best to fix it.

Thank you for your understanding,
Your Deca team