View Full Version : Raid Boss Compensation / BfEC Caps / KP Boost

01-16-2020, 09:41 AM
Dear players,

We have some important information we want to share with you on different topics.


Raid Boss compensation

A global compensation will run regarding the Raid Boss issue we had to cut off as well as for the Syndicate LTQ that was running at the time.

A targeted compensation will be issued for the the lockbox event, the 24h LTQ and the LTB event as well for all the locked out Android players.

Please note that the exact composition of these two sets of compensation is still being investigated and decided right now. We will most likely share the final details early next week.

We'd like to appologize again for the inconvenience this caused over the week.


KP boost

We did not forget about the KP boost which was planned this week. Due to the Raid Boss issued, we got delayed so it will be performed next week.


BfEC caps

Many have asked about the caps for the coming event and we have quite some information to share on that topic.

The last event put in the spotlights some of the flaws of the current system. These flaws were known and explained for a long time but it is a true inconvenience for many players. Since we are still working on the hard cap and we realize the current soft cap is responsible for a lot of tensions in the community, we have asked the team leaders to share their opinion on a few different options for us to run the BfEC event until the hard cap is implemented.

So far, the vast majority of leaders voiced their opinion for the following solution : no "per war cap" but keeping the "per event" cap. This means there won't be any cap for each war, the previous 1100 cap is gone. But the per event cap set at 58k remains.

We want to further discuss this with the community but we will run this formula as a test this coming weekend.

We asked all leaders to also share this information with their team mates.

If you have questions about this topic, please feel free to ask so that we clarify it before the event starts.


14th daily quest

Finally, yesterday we fixed an issue with the 14th daily quest which was broken due to the Raid boss issue. The quest can now be correctly completed but it appears that some players do not receive the reward correctly. If you're in this situation, please contact our support team and they'll be able to grant it to you.

That's about it for now. Thank you again for your patience and understanding this week.

Your Deca team