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10-10-2019, 08:29 AM
Hello everyone,

Following some discussions with community members and Game Representatives that led to various decisions, we would like to inform you of the following:

- We won't take actions against syndicate leaders for their members actions anymore. We want to point out that this policy was installed because we received a lot of feedback asking for teams with repeated cheaters caught to be sanctioned. As of now there will be no direct team sanctions anymore but we can discuss other suggestions for team sanctions if this is ever needed in the future.

- A "virtual" attack cap (including offensive wins and losses but not the received attacks) will be installed from this weekend on. This means that we will run metrics to verify that players remained between the authorized limits during the event. No hidden formula this time around.

As a starting point, the numbers checked for this cap are 1000 attacks per battle per player and 50k overall for the entire event. This number is just a starting point and can be adjusted based on feedback, data we'll gather, lag observed etc. If the number changes it will be communicated to the community. Please note that the 1000/50k numbers have been picked after data analysis and based on players feedback too. The point is to have on impact on cheating players without restricting regular players activity too much. We believe these numbers are a good starting point and we will make they evolve if needed.

- The old metrics won't be running anymore and the players flagged by these old metrics will be allowed back for the weekend events since we are integrating a new system as a form of amnesty and for everyone to start afresh.

- Players who get caught cheating by this new virtual cal will still be out for the coming BfEC Macabre Nights.

- For now, there is no 3 strikes rules for this new system but stronger sanctions will be decided if some players are repeatedly caught. These new sanctions will be announced before being applied.

- Since these new metrics will have to run at the end of the event, the distribution of rewards of BfEC will be slightly delayed for now.

- Last but not least, please note that this is a temporary solution and that a proper in game hard cap will come in a few months, the time for us to fully develop it. Once this hard cap is ready, it will replace the virtual one and work autonomously.

We thank you for your patience and your understanding.
The DECA Team

10-29-2019, 01:50 AM
Dear players,

Please note the the caps are currently set to 1000 hits per war and 50k hits for the entire event. Since it is hard for players to monitor their hits (which also include hits on walls) we are granting 3 "jokers" to every player. This means that only the players who overpassed the 1000 hits cap in 4 wars or more during an event are banned.

Thank you for your understanding,
Your Deca team

01-07-2020, 06:06 AM
Dear players,

For the upcoming BfEC, a few changes have been done to the caps. These changes were based on the players feedback and was discussed and approved by the Game Representatives.

- The per war cap is raised to 1100.
- The overall event cap has been reduced to 58k.
- The 3 jokers still exist but won't be taken into account if the cap is overpassed by 20% or more. So if you reach 1320 hits per war, all jokers are bypassed used up and you'll be sanctionned.

The per event cap has being reduced based on your feedback while still allowing about 52 wars at max per war hits.
The per war cap has been slightly increased based on your feedback and our data analysis.

Thank you for your feedback and patience on this topic.

Your Deca team