View Full Version : UPDATE: KA Amazon AWS Issue RESOLVED

Deus Ex Machina
08-31-2019, 08:33 AM
Hi Players,

We just wanted to confirm to all players that the issues affecting the game have been resolved, and players are now able to log in normally. We thank you for your patience and help during this time. While Amazon has assured its partners that this issue should not happen again, please reach out to us on the KA Discord server if you do experience a recurrence.

Again, thank you all for your patience and your help.

Your Deca Team


Original Message Follows Below:

Dear Players,

As many of you have noticed KA is currently experiencing connectivity issues. The cause of the connectivity issue is an ongoing outage at Amazon's AWS servers. We are currently working to ensure that KA will go live, once the Amazon AWS server issue is resolved.

We will update players as to the status of this ongoing issue here. However, for faster updates, please log in to the Discord server. Should this become an extended outage, we will work with player reps to discuss compensation, however, our primary focus will be on resolving this issue, so that discussion will be tabled until Monday.

We appreciate everyone's patience, and thank all those who helped to alert us of the issue.

Your Deca Team