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08-14-2019, 08:02 AM
Dear Knights,

We teased it last week's announcement, it is time to present to you our upcoming Special Event : Corsair's Fortune!

Collect shards and grab your Water / Water armor!

From August 16th to September 3rd, you will be able to collect shards and get your Water / Water Armor!
Shards will be available at various milestones in the following events : Raid Boss, Guild War, Blitz Raid Boss, Blitz Guild War, Heroic Mode and Campaign.

Upgrade your Armors and Jewelry set!

To upgrade your armors and jewelry, simply craft the Minor Armors and Jewelry. You can then combine them with your current tier armor.

Armors can be tiered up, up to level 7 with the Minor Zephyr and up to level 10 with the Major Zephyr.

Jewelry can be tiered up, up to level 7 with the Minor Ringle and Minor Talisman and up to level 10 with the Major Ringle and Major Talisman.

Please keep in mind that when tiering up you will lose 50% of your current armor level and all Ascended levels.

Rewards and milestones for the event will be announced very soon! Stay tuned and prepare to embark on this new adventure!

40% Sale and boosted daily rewards!

To kick off this event, a 40% sale will be available for 24h starting this Friday (August 16th)! You will also be able to enjoy our boosted daily rewards (except exclusive shards) for August (from Day 12 onwards)!

Reddit Contest?

You will be able to enter a contest on this platform and win great prizes! More information will come soon!

Battle on,
The DECA Knights