View Full Version : Syndicate sanctions for BfEC

08-08-2019, 02:53 AM
Dear players,

Over the last months, our team spotted that some syndicates tend to be regularly caught cheating, event after event. Since these teams also get rewards thank to the cheaters they host and since it also impacts the competition, we have been working on fair syndicate sanctions for a while.

In our attempts to fight cheating and ensure a fair game to our community, we will now apply sanctions to syndicates on top of the individual sanctions.

We have set a threshold of how many times a syndicate can get players caught cheating before syndicate sanctions are applied. Once this threshold is reached the following sanctions will be triggered:

- The syndicate leader will be banned for the next BfEC event. The ban will occur the day before the event starts so the rest of the syndicate members can plan for a team switch.
- All the Officiers will be set to regular members for the duration of the BfEC event so that no one can declare war for this syndicate.

The reasoning behind these sanctions is to put teamleaders in front of their responsibilities and sanction the team but still allow all the other syndicate members to move to another syndicate for the weekend since we can't prove they were aware of what was happening.

We will not communicate what the threshold precisely is because it could be exploited to hurt other syndicates. The threshold will be lowered for syndicates that have already been sanctionned.

These syndicate sanctions are retroactive so we already looked at how many cheaters were detected for each team and sanctions can be applied from this upcoming BFEC event on.

Please note that each time a same player has been caught will count as one entry to the threshold maximum. If a player gets caught three times, that counts as 3 entries for the threshold.

Last but not least, we always take into account the syndicate a player was in when he got caught. If a player who already got caught joins your team, it won't add any entrie for your syndicate, unless this player gets caught again.

Thank you for your understanding,
Your Deca team