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07-25-2019, 08:22 AM
Those with long memories of the start of Deca's reign of misery may remember the monthly meeting minutes being posted and the BIG issue to be resolved i.e. wiping out redundant inventory. There were two steps - 1. zero all the redundant items and make sure that it didn't affect the stats. 2. Remove the items

After two failed attempts, the redundant items were zero'd out. When is the important part going to happen? Nothing has been removed, just hidden as the quantity is zero. There are 10's of thousands of items there with item type and stats etc. THAT's what consumes all the memory and kills the game.

The game is barely playable for many people. The lame attempt at loading less data at the start has just caused instability with the game crashing frequently. Fix the REAL problem and give us back the previous version of the app.

Does anyone use customer support now? Every issues we've raised has either been made worse or "passed to the developers" which we know means it will never get looked at. The anniversary rewards are totally messed up. 37 out of the 44 in my syn are still showing year 1 - including me and I've been here or 6 or 7 years. I have the same issue with syndicate base goals that's in another recent post. It was reported 2 years ago and nothing happened. I have people who can't kill bosses on IOS and have to use an old android device and a lot more issues. Is there any point in reporting them when the issue are made worse or ignored?

Mrs Cash
07-29-2019, 05:30 PM
I believe the Anniversary Reward gets triggered by the month you started. Only one of my 5 accounts, the lowest mini, has been triggered.
I have no clue as to what month or what year I started. I took over dh's 2nd account and have regretted ever since. Hooked and stupid...
Other than that, the lag persists, and the blood pressure gets elevated. It seems like a no win situation.

I (and others) have *****ed about the Android SB lag, 7-10 minutes to collect and produce all 5; 57 seconds on iOS. Absurd.

In other words, don't hold your breath, this clusterphuck will always be a clusterphuck, and nobody will care or fix it.