View Full Version : Hunting Ground Test event

07-23-2019, 08:12 AM
Dear Knights,

Our team fixed the Hunting Ground event and we would now need to run a live test to verify that the issue has been fully resolved on the live environment.

Therefore, we will run a test Hunting Ground event that will last 12h from Wednesday 12:00 CEST to Thursday 00:00 CEST on EU servers and from Wednesday 18:00 CEST to Thursday 06:00 on the NA servers.

We are running this test during the week to avoid any disturbance in the weekend event guild preparations.

The milestones will be emptied of rewards as it's a test but 30x Blended Seeds will be credited to all active players of July.

We kindly ask you to use these Blended Seeds in combination with the x20 feature to confirm it's not causing issues again.

Thank you for your help with this test event.

Battle on,
The DECA knights