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06-18-2019, 02:20 PM
Dear Knights,

During the past few Raid Bosses events, it was possible for some players to defeat the level 4 Raid Boss with only one energy.

Since the introduction of the Raid Boss level 4 as it currently is, it was never meant to be a boss that could be killed in one energy and was mostly aimed to be used in combination with the rebattle system to skip the rescouting phase. On top of this, we find that battles lasting such a long time should not be what this event delivers to the player’s experience.

We believed the health cap and the stats increase introduced in April was enough to avoid this to happen, but we underestimated the strength of the most recent armors.

We are incredibly sorry for this mistake, but we also believe that not changing something now would constitute an additional mistake that will not benefit the game.

At the same time we would like to keep a balance between individual and guild efforts during the event, which has recently shifted more towards the first. For this reason the defeat bonuses of level 5 and 6 have been increased and the attack of level 5 was slightly reduced.

For these different reasons, we have decided to apply the following changes for the upcoming Raid Boss. This will not only ensure that fight don’t takes hours to be completed but it will also balance out the Guild and the Individual efforts in the corresponding leaderboards and increase the variety of the Raid Boss levels to adjust to different gameplay style.

- Level 6 Raid Boss Defeat Bonus will increase from 93M to 100M

- Level 5 Raid Boss Defeat Bonus will increase from 31M to 35M and Attack will decrease to 6300

- Level 4 Raid Boss Attack will increase to 5500

- Level 3 Raid Boss will see his health increased to 10M and the defeat bonus will keep the same ratio and will therefor be 13.75M

- Levels 1 and 2 will remain unchanged

These changes were discussed and approved by the Sage Chat team earlier today.

Our team is also working on a long term solution regarding the Shatter Shield ability so that we are not facing this scenario again.

We will keep looking into feedback about the Raid Boss event and every other game element to keep improving things.

Thank you a lot for your understanding (and apologies once more for this mistake).

Battle on,
The DECA knights