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06-13-2019, 03:45 AM
Dear knights,

As we celebrated the Decanniversary in the past month, what better way to conclude this chapter than with a new special event!

Before going into the event details, please keep in mind that some of the functionalities used for this event require you to have at least 1.55.0 installed. Previous app versions won’t be able to see most of the event related items in the Limited Shop.

Check your device store for available updates of Knights & Dragons.

Main event - June 14th/July 3rd:

Choose your element combinations from all possibilities and tier up your Deca Morph armor! (Please note that Dual mono is not available)

From June 14th (Guild War start) to July 3rd (Epic Boss ending) you will be able to collect Ethereal Core, Grounding Matrix and Aerial Protocol from events, rare spawns and many other places.

You can then use these collectibles to purchase different items to improve your Deca Morph armor from the Limited Shop:

- Get the Deca Morph armor of the element you want.
- The base armor will be available in the Limited Shop from the 13th of June and will cost 100 Aerial Protocol.
The Elemental selection armors, the Tier up armors and many more interesting items will be available in the Limited Shop.
- Combine the Elemental armors of the element you want with your base armor to select your second element.
- Then combine your armor with the Aerial Armor to tier it up to T7, the Grounding Armor from tier 7 to 10 and the Ethereal Armor from tier 10 to 12.

The jewelry sets stats will increase with the tiering up and guess what? The T12 armor level will have similar stats to the current seasonal + armors and it will therefore be really hard to achieve!

You will be able to buy the ring and amulet for 1000 Aerial Protocols in the limited shop.

The distribution of the currencies in the main events, as well as the stats of the different armors and tiers, is available at here. (https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/u/3/d/e/2PACX-1vQPWRVenr8r365dqfPX0524HhPby2ApwKHaLTMnB50iZu9j2W rMO7DEJzTNGPg09nJkD8xEMSP9jiIA/pubhtml#)

!New! - Customise your armor element:

- As mentioned before, in this Decanniversary event you can fully customise the elements of your Deca Morph armor by selecting a ground element in the Limited Shop and combining it with one of the elemental armors that will also be available in the Limited Shop.
E.g. you can select an Earth Deca Morph armor and combine it with the Water Focus armor to obtain an Earth/Water Deca Morph.

- That’s not all! You can also change the second element of your Deca Morph armor by combining any tier of it with a Reallocation armor, available in the Limited Shop. Choose the Reset armor of the element you want to replace your secondary one with.
E.g. Combining your Earth/Water armor with the Fire Reallocation armor will result in a Earth/Fire Deca Morph.

- Please note - Combining your Decamorph with either the Focus or the Reallocation armors will preserve the Tier of your Deca Morph, but will reduce its level or ascension like any other combine process.

- Please note - Since Dual mono armors are not possible, combining your Decamorph with either the Focus or the Reallocation of the same element you first picked for the starting armor won’t be possible.

Decanniversary Event Shop:

- For the duration of the Decanniversary event, the limited shop will contain many offers for you to buy with the different currencies (Conversions will also be available)!

- In this special edition of the limited shop you will find all the armors necessary to improve your Deca Morph but also many other items you can obtain with the Ethereal Core, Grounding Matrix and Aerial Protocol you can collect during the event.

- At the end of the shop you will still have some items in sale for gems.

- During the event, Gwen’s Flash Deals will still run.

Improvement in Seasonal Armors combining coming next week.

We have something else ready for you. We’ve reviewed the way the combining of Seasonal Armors works and we’ve made some improvements that we hope you will like.
From now on:

- You will be guaranteed to get at least one season higher than the combined armors, and up to 5 seasons higher with decreasing chances. This is also available for Raid Boss and Guild War armors!

- The combining will be limited to 10 seasons before the current one, meaning you have a chance to obtain a seasonal armors five seasons behind the current one.

This change is planned to be released next week, we will inform you when we have more information on the availability.

We will keep looking into improving the armor management system, but we hope you like the changes we’ve applied so far.

There you go, hope you'll like this special event to conclude our anniversary month!

Battle on,
The DECA knights