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06-05-2019, 07:49 AM
Dear players,

It's time to introduce a new achievement into the game!

Anniversary rewards :

We all felt it was time to celebrate YOUR in game anniversary!

From this month on, we will offer rewards to all the currently active players who joined the game during that same month one, two or even up to seven years ago!

This month everyone who joined the game in the month of June—2018 or earlier—will receive a reward!
The longer you've been with us, the better your reward will be.

As you can see below, rewards include gold and some items depending on the year.

We will run this Anniversary reward process every month so if you did not join us in June, don't worry, you'll get your celebration too! .

Rewards for your Anniversary:

Year 1: -2% Health Regen
Year 2: 300 Gems
Year 3: 20x Health
Year 4: 400 Gems
Year 5: 40x Energy
Year 6: 500 Gems
Year 7: +5% Conquest Points
Year 8: 600 Gems

The effect is not retroactive so you will only get one anniversary reward per year.

Some may ask why the rewards are not given retroactively and the reason is simple : if we were to do this, we would be giving a lot of rewards all at once and this would heavily impact the game economy. We would therefore need to lower the rewards drastically, making the rewards less attractive for the upcoming years too.


How will it look like?

For the first year of this anniversary feature rollout, we will first need to trigger and remove all your previous year anniversary goals. This means you will see the completion popups of previous year anniversaries, but you will NOT retroactively receive rewards for previous years’ anniversaries. You will only receive the current year’s anniversary reward, which we will be sending out to you manually before triggering all the popups.

This is the popup you will see when the anniversary goals are triggered. Since we will be sending the main anniversary reward to you manually, you will not see it displayed in the popup, but by the time you see this popup it should already be in your inventory.

For the 1st and 7th year anniversary, the rewards will be items with bonuses so look for these in your inventory if you expect to receive them. The power of these items will be increased regularly for all players so they will always be powerful for all players.


If for any reason you did not receive your anniversary reward, please reach out to Customer Support with the subject “Anniversary Gift not received” and our CS team will help you right away.

We are very excited by this new game features and we can't wait to hear your feedback.

Your Deca team