View Full Version : News : Sales and Extended Mini Guild Wars Milestones

05-24-2019, 11:49 AM
Dear Knights,

We have some more news to share with you this week with two tests coming up!

40 % sale

As you all know, we usually only run the 40% sale at the end of the month but we think this could be optimized. Depending on the month the duration varies and it's not always easy to plan and know its length. We also would like to offer this sale more regularly.

This is why for the month of June, we will try a different approach. On every Wednesday, there will be a 40 % sale. The weekend 30% sales will stay as they currently are.

The 40 % sale for May will still be available on the 31st for 24h and will continue as a 30% sale for the remainder of the weekend.

We will pay attention to your feedback and the data we will gather throughout the month of June to decide if we keep this new system going forward so feel free to share as much valuable feedback as possible.

Extended Mini Guild War Milestones

As you already know, the upcoming Mini Guild War will be extended by an extra 24h. The start date and time will not change, it will simply end 24h later.

As we want to keep the effort needed for the milestones without devaluing the milestones, we have adapted them based on your feedback and our needs to keep the event balanced.


For this test too, we will evaluate your feedback and the data we will collect.

New Android version

Last but not least, a new Android version containing several bug fixes has been released today (1.55.2). We advise all of our Android player to update the game for a smoother gaming experience this weekend.

The iOS version will follow in the next days.

Battle on,
The DECA knights

05-31-2019, 07:20 AM
Dear Knights,

As explained in our last announcement, the 40% sale is available today (May 31) but in June, we will follow a new pattern. Here is a calendar for you to keep track of the different sales available.

May 31 : 40%
June 1 : 30%
June 2 : 30%
June 5 : 40%
June7 : 30%
June 8 : 30%
June 9 : 30%
June 12 : 40%
June 14 : 30%
June 15 : 30%
June 16 : 30%
June 19 : 40%
June 21 : 30%
June 22 : 30%
June 23 : 30%
June 26 : 40%
June 28 : 30%
June 29 : 30%
June 30 : 30%

Hope this will help you keep track of the sales for this month.

Battle on,
The DECA Knights