View Full Version : 2 years Decanniversary!

05-03-2019, 05:40 AM
Dear players,

To celebrate the 2nd anniversary of Deca taking care of Knights & Dragons, we have prepared quite a few surprises to come in May! To start with, we boosted all the daily login rewards for May either by increasing the amount or by improving the quality!

What will come next? Well, we are working on many different things to make the Decanniversary special, you will find out very soon! For now our team is focusing on bringing a fix to the following issues :

“Smelting all” function when a filter is active is not fully working as intended.
Energy drops in Epic Bosses are not consistent.
An issue with the armor equip option.
The flip order button was not reactive in some menu

As soon as we have the full details and release date for this fix, we will share the information with you.

Enjoy the login rewards and keep your eyes open for more surprises this month!

Battle on,
The DECA knights