View Full Version : News : St Patrick Celebrations, Spirit / Spirit optimizations & cheaters detection

03-20-2019, 11:02 AM
Dear Knights,

We have a couple of announcements to share with you this week, let's dive in!

St Patrick celebrations

To celebrate St Patrick, most milestone rewards in the upcoming Guild War will be doubled.
On top of this, extra Golden Seals can be found throughout the Guild War, the following Blitz Raid and also in the Epic boss event from next wednesday on.
These Golden Seals will be used to open a chest which will give you a chance to get silver coins, fusion boosts and more!

The Spirit / Spirit dilemma

Over the last few months it became clearer and clearer that the Spirit / Spirit upcoming armors would need to be slightly modified.

Our preferred approach for now would be the following :

The HP will not increase over the highest HP amount we had as of now (armors that haven't reached that will still increase of course).
Attack and Defense will be increased to compensate the HP decrease.
Exclusive stats remain untouched.
The Raid Boss stats will be increased starting from April.
This will reduce the need of big Raid Boss increase steps and make it more accessible for all types of players
More measures might follow if needed.

We would like to hear your feedback before we validate this approach, let us know what you think in the upcoming days.

Cheaters detection and sanctions

As you may have noticed, we’ve had to deal with a few cheaters lately so we want to update you on this topic.

Our team is working on fully fixing the issues allowing these exploits to be possible in the first place.
Until then, we optimized our detections systems allowing us to spot more and more of the cheaters using this type of exploits.

As an example, over the last 7 days, more than 200 accounts have already been banned and we are still fine tuning this detection.
When full guilds are spotted cheating or get substantial benefit from some of their members using cheats, we are disbanding them as well.

We want to point out that these cheats are only possible through third parties tools that are potentially very dangerous for the devices and the personal details of those using them.

Battle on,
The DECA knights