View Full Version : really bored

02-08-2019, 04:51 AM
the game is becoming boring .. the events are dull .. on top of all, the crazy lag makes the gameplay worthless .. what the heck am i doing here .. feel like giving away the account to someone else and be done with the game .. mehhh

02-16-2019, 01:46 AM
This game is a POS. The End

02-17-2019, 07:38 PM
just stop.. this game is done

02-19-2019, 02:15 PM
So boring, I mean can Deca come up with Any New Flipping ideas! Or perhaps fix the lag, sa match time was ridiculously slow.... the average was 17 to 20 minutes. A girl can dream

02-20-2019, 04:27 AM
just stop.. this game is done

saying so that indiots can take the top spot? not gonna happen chief, ya can only dream :p