View Full Version : Lag is killing the game faster than the GREE ups.

02-03-2019, 12:31 PM
Started a mini in the process of resurrecting an old Droid.
The decline in the game is readily observable.
Tried the old way of posting on Rivals comments page to obtain Allies.
Invariably the previous comments were 200, 300 even 600 days old.
People are just walking away.
If you are new and have to think about what to do for 15 seconds the circle of death is triggered.
Tried the INVITE VIPs tab. Sometimes takes 24 hours before 3 people would have spent Gold to get Allies.

New people exposed to the lag just delete the game.
Why bother nursing a defective game along when there are so many other great game platforms.
Be surprised if new players last one week.

02-04-2019, 10:31 AM
The decline in the game is readily observable.

It is difficult for a mini to participate in Street Assault. No money for Choppers. I buy Batters, drop 10 to qualify for a Chopper prize. Takes awhile but eventually have enough Choppers to help in a war.
Can’t count the number of times my 10 Batters were the only items deployed from three Syndicates. The other two Syndicates probably fell asleep waiting for a match and just said fack it. Got better things to do.

Ten Batters for a Demon.
Nice trade up!

Mrs Cash
02-04-2019, 05:29 PM
Sadly, the lag isn't the only killer on Android, but they've been posted to death and not dealt with, so I won't bother to even go there.

It's impossible to post and rely on VIP, that will get you nowhere. VIP is alright on weekends only, from what I had seen when I was on the hunt. You can add my 5 in my signature. Also, Google Crime City Mafia Codes, there are a few listings that you can get a bunch from. Its time consuming, but you will get there, eventually, in a few months, just need patience.