View Full Version : Raid Boss event start delay on NA and Beta fixes

02-01-2019, 09:24 AM
Dear Knights,

Due to issues with our latest beta deploy, we will delay the Raid Boss event start on the NA server of three hours for Android users.

This is done in order to get the affected beta players back on track before the event starts.

We solved the beta issue around 12PM and no player who installed the latest beta version after this fix is affected by this issue.
We were able to identify quickly the affected players and right now, our team is already granting back the missing armors and pets to all these players on the NA and EU servers.

The queries we run are working item per item rather than player per player. This means that we will first grant Armor X to all the players missing it, then move to Armor Y, etc. So don't be surprised if you do not see all your missing items back at the same time.

Here are some important details for the affected beta players :
- All missing non craftable armors will be directly given back.
- For all the missing craftable armors, we will give back all the needed shards as well as all the materials to level them up to max level and gems to speed up the crafting process.
- We will also offer energy as a compensation for the players impacted.

Last but not least if you are affected by this issue and still miss any item tomorrow, please reach out to our support team.

Thank you a lot for your understanding.

Battle on,
The DECA knights