View Full Version : Introducing Gwen's Flash Deals!

01-22-2019, 07:20 AM
Dear Knights,

Let us introduce you to our new addition to the game : the Gwen’s Flash Deals!

As we want the game to offer something interesting and worthwhile for our players every day of the week, we designed the Gwen's Flash Deals as an offer to trigger when there is less happening in K&D.

On Gwen's Flash Deals you will discover 6 exclusive Deals in the limited shop. A new deal will appear as soon as the previous one disappears and each deal will show up twice during the rotation, meaning that every offer will be available for 2 consecutive hours before the next one shows up.

As an example, offer A would start at 9 am PT and end at 11 am PT then offer B at 11 am PT til 1 pm and so and so forth, until the offer F starting at 7 pm PT. The offer A will then run for a second time at 9pm PT followed by the second run of the offer B at 11 pm PT etc.

This will guarantee that every player has the opportunity to benefit from each offer at least once.

This new Gwen’s Flash Deals will run for the first time this coming Thursday but we already plan to experiment and improve on this concept in the near future (frequency, type of offers, number of offers, etc.) based on what works and fits best to the game.

There won't be a timer available in the limited shop for these offers yet but we are currently working on such addition.

The details of these exclusive offers won't be shared, to keep the surprise factor intact! See you on Thursday to check what the offers are and feel free to share your thoughts and wishes for these new deals.

Battle on,
The DECA Knights